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A Brief Introduction to Olive
A Brief Introduction to Olive
Zhengzhou Olive Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling oxygen and hydrogen generators and related medical products. Complying with ISO13485 and medical CE standards, the company serves over 90 countries.

In 2021, it was recognized as a "Little Giant" by China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and led in domestic oxygen generator exports. The same year, it was named a high-tech enterprise in Zhengzhou and a "Specialized, Refined, Distinctive, and Innovative" enterprise.

In 2022, its subsidiary, Henan Olive Electronic Technology, was established in Xinxiang. By 2023, the company enhanced its production capabilities, achieving a daily output of 200 units and shifting towards a production-centric model.
Certification of quality of medical devices
The factory produces products in strict accordance with medical device standards, and the products have passed formal medical CE and FDA certification.
Explore The Diversity of Olive
TOP 1 Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer
Over the past decade, through unwavering commitment and steady growth, we have positioned ourselves as a top-tier supplier of oxygen concentrators in China. Our team boasts over 30 sales professionals, and our 2000m² R&D factory is a testament to our dedication to innovation.
Global Market Co-operation

Zhengzhou Olive  has established a reputation for high-quality products and services, leading to successful sales not only in China but also across more than 120 countries and regions. Our product line is well-received in major markets such as Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. The popularity and acclaim of our products in these diverse markets underscore our commitment to excellence.

Rewarded with Numerous Positive Reviews
Olive has been adhering to the principle of helping to serve customers, and dealers through thick and thin, to help customers solve problems, planning product lines, to help customers achieve success, harvested a lot of praise from customers!
Let More People Know about Olive Products!
Olive has been committed to expanding more of its own business segment, continuous marketing and R&D, presenting olive in front of more people at different exhibitions, so that more people can use olive to gain health and happiness!
How Do We Help Our Clients?
Price Support & Favourable Terms
Price Support & Favourable Terms
Provide agents with competitive prices and favorable terms to help them gain a greater advantage in the market and increase sales and market share.
Stable Supply Chain Support
Stable Supply Chain Support
Provide supply chain support to ensure timely and stable product supply, help agents reduce inventory costs and risks, and improve the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain.
High Quality Technical Support
High Quality Technical Support
Provide technical support and training to ensure that agents can fully understand the product characteristics and usage, and provide professional support and service to customers.
Customised Services OEM/ODM
Customised Services OEM/ODM
Provide customised products and services to meet the specific needs of different customers and enhance the competitiveness and market attractiveness of agents.
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